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Prefilled Flush Syringe

Pre-filled flush syringe can be used in place of traditional sealing fluids such as normal saline. The novel tube sealing solution has a wide range of applications, is simple to operate, has small limitations, and has little impact on the patient’s condition and physiological indicators. The pre-filled flush syringe can complete the preparation of some drugs before infusion, reduce the consumption of heavy materials and facilitate storage. Pre-filled flush syringe can reduce the chance of contamination, reduce the risk of infection, high safety, avoid needle stick injuries of medical staff, and reduce operation time. Pre-filled flush syringe is the first choice for clinical flushing and sealing.


Product Features

1. Zero configuration, zero stab wounds
2. Production automation and intelligence
3. High environmental cleanliness,
4. Small proportion of materials and good toughness
5. High molding accuracy
6. Good compatibility, no-clean
7. High safety, stable quality, the first choice for clinical flushing and sealing tubes

Product Specifications

3ml, 5ml, 10ml


Used in the gap between different drug treatments to seal and flush the end of the pipeline
Not suitable for subcutaneous and intramuscular injection

Main Components

Barrel, plunger stopper, tip cap, plunger rod

ISO Certification

prefilled flush syringe 5
Workshop and Equipment

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prefilled flush syringe 7

prefilled flush syringe 8

Warehouse Logistics

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