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30/32mm Pull Ring Cap

The polypropylene combination pull ring cap for the plastic infusion containers is composed of an inner cap, outer cap, and rubber disc. Among them, the inner cap and the outer cap are injection-molded with imported polypropylene material, and the rubber disc is vulcanized from polyisoprene rubber. The entire production process is produced in a clean workshop with an overall grade of 10,000 and the local grade of 100. The workshop is equipped with various electrostatic dust removal facilities to ensure the cleanliness of the product. Unique design, smooth hand feel, bright color, no oil stains, sealing, and waterproof performance are more than 98%.


Product Features

1. Polypropylene combination cap (Pull ring cap) for plastic infusion container, including an outer cap, a rubber disc, a pull ring, and an inner cap, the main body is provided with an accommodating cavity, the inner cap is set in the accommodating cavity, the pull ring is located at the top end of the outer cap and is closely matched with the edge of the accommodating cavity. The pull ring includes a sealing part, and the end face of the sealing part is flat.
Therefore, when pulling the pull ring, the entire sealing portion can be directly pulled away from the end face of the cap without pulling through the connecting ring, thereby ensuring that the sealing portion can be smoothly separated from the cap when the medical staff pulls.
2. Ujoin Medical’s internal standards are far higher than the national standards, and the control of various indicators such as insoluble particles and pull-ring tension is excellent, which strictly guarantees the high quality of the combined cap.
3. Our cap with pull ring has good sealing and waterproof performance, high biosafety, good drug compatibility and low-melting sealing temperature.

Product Specifications

Pull ring cap


Polypropylene plastic infusion bottles
Vertical polypropylene soft infusion bags

30 32mm pull ring cap 5
ISO Certification

30 32mm pull ring cap 6
Production Environment

30 32mm pull ring cap 7

30 32mm pull ring cap 8

Workshop and Equipment

30 32mm pull ring cap 9

30 32mm pull ring cap 10

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