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PP/PVC Infusion Bag

With the widespread application of infusion therapy, infusion supplies have ranged from glass infusion bottles to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft bags to polypropylene and polyethylene (PP) hard plastic bottles. And fully comply with environmental protection non-PVC composite film soft bag. At first, due to the defects in packaging materials and infusion methods of glass bottle infusion, developed countries in the west began to develop flexible packaging for infusion in the 1950s. More than 95% of routine infusions used clinically in developed countries are packaged in fully enclosed soft bags.
In recent years, the latest international packaging material—non-PVC multilayer co-extrusion composite film soft bag is increasingly widely used in infusion packaging abroad. The material quality of the composite film soft bag meets the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia, the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and the United States Pharmacopoeia, and has very low water permeability, air permeability and migration, suitable for the packaging of most drugs. The soft bag is made of non-PVC three-layer co-extrusion film without adhesive. The cleaning of the film and the forming of the soft bag are all completed in class 100 clean workshop, free of pyrogen and particles.


Product Features

Properties of infusion bags made of non-PVC multilayer co-extrusion composite film:
1. The composition of non-PVC composite film does not contain plasticizers.
2. Stable to heat, it can be sterilized by high temperature steam at 121℃ without affecting the transparency.
3. The permeability to water vapor is extremely low so that the concentration of the infusion remains stable and the storage period of the product can be guaranteed.
4. The gas permeability is extremely low, and even very unstable infusions can be well preserved.
5. Excellent inertness, no chemical reaction with any drug, and very low absorption of most drugs.
6. Strong flexibility and self-shrinking, the liquid medicine can be infused through a closed infusion pipeline under atmospheric pressure, eliminating the risk of embolism caused by air pollution and air bubbles. At the same time, it is conducive to the use of pressure in emergency and emergency vehicles.
7. High mechanical strength, low temperature resistance, not easy to break, small in size, and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and storage.
8. Non-PVC composite film infusion bags can adapt to the development characteristics of modern infusion of small batch, multi-variety, multi-specification and multi-dose.
Non-PVC composite film infusion bags can complete film (cleaning) printing, bag forming, welding bag opening, filling, inflation or vacuuming, and sealing during infusion production, and the production line can complete online leak detection and clarity detection.

Product Specifications

1. Single tube/Double tube
2. Soft tube/Hard tube
3. 50/100/250/500/1000/2000/3000/5000 ml


The non-PVC composite film infusion bag has its migration, water vapor permeability, toxicity test, hemolysis and bacterial endotoxin test all in line with the US Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia and other standards, suitable for the packaging of most drugs, such as ordinary infusion, dialysate, metronidazole, ciprofloxacin and other therapeutic infusions, and even amino acids, plasma substitutes, and fat emulsions can also be used. In short, non-PVC composite film infusion bag is an ideal infusion packaging material.

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