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Peritoneal Diaysis Bag

Peritoneal Dialysis Bag is made of medical grade soft PVC/PP material, ethylene oxide sterilized, individually packaged. The peritoneal dialysis bag is small in size, simple in fixing method, easy to carry, avoids the falling off of the pipeline, effectively protects the wound, and prevents the pipeline from falling off caused by pulling the catheter; there is no need for dual system pipelines when changing the dressing solution, which is convenient for patients to move; one-time use, avoiding cross-contamination, meeting the requirements of sterility, and greatly improving the safety and reliability of the peritoneal dialysis bag.


Product Features

1. Non-spill, low leakage rate.
2. All products are produced in a sterile environment.
3. In the treatment of acute kidney injury and chronic renal failure, peritoneal dialysis is one of the effective methods of renal replacement therapy. Because of its safety, simplicity, ease of operation, and low cost, it has an irreplaceable role in improving the treatment of uremia patients in my country.

Product Specifications

1. 2000/2500/3000/5000 ml


Disposable dialysis drainage bag or urine bag

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