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Euro Cap

Closures for Plastic IV Bottles made from BFS (Blow Fill Seal) Technology. Our Lines of Euro Caps are geared with German Technological tie ups to give you uncompromised quality consistently over millions of units.
We have an experienced staff team, modern production equipment, and innovative solutions, which greatly improve customer satisfaction with our products. We providing customers with good and stable product quality for a long time. In terms of technology, an automatic ultrasonic rotary cage cleaning machine and an automatic bottle cap inspection machine have also been introduced, which has improved the efficiency and rigor of product management. With innovative technology, strict production management mode and quality assurance system, the company provides customers with high-quality products and first-class services.


Product Features

1. Easy to use
2. No Leakage
3. Excellent welding ability with infusion bottle
4. Excellent resealing properties of the rubber disc

Product Specifications

39mm Pull ring cap
39mm Euro cap


Closure for IV Bag/IV Bottle

euro cap 6
ISO Certification

euro cap 7
Production Environment

euro cap 8

euro cap 9

Workshop and Equipment

euro cap 10

euro cap 11

Warehouse Logistics

euro cap 12

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