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30-42 Port

Polypropylene port for plastic infusion container (also known as soft bag port) is a necessary part for the production of plastic infusion bag. The plastic infusion bag is filled with liquid medicine and sealed with a polypropylene cap after the multi-layer co-extrusion film and the polypropylene port are heat-sealed. At present, the ship-shaped polypropylene port is widely used, and the imported polypropylene material is used for injection molding with a hot runner mold in a clean workshop with an overall grade of 10,000 and the local grade of 100.


Product Features

1. High biosafety
2. Good drug compatibility
3. Low-melding sealing temperature
4. Good sealing performance

Product Specifications

30-42mm Single port


Non-PVC soft infusion bags

30 42 port 5
ISO Certification

30 42 port 6
Production Environment

30 42 port 7

30 42 port 8

Workshop and Equipment

30 42 port 9

30 42 port 10

30 42 port 11

Warehouse Logistics

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