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30/32mm Twist Off Cap

Shandong Ujoin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of polypropylene caps and ports for non-PVC soft infusion bags. We can produce composite caps of various specifications according to customer requirements. Ujoin Technology adopts the international advanced electric injection molding machine, large cavity number mold, high-speed capping machine, and visual inspection integrated machine, and purchases the best domestic modified polypropylene special materials. Strict standards, excellent control of various indicators such as insoluble particles and pull-tab tension, strictly ensure the high quality of the PP caps and ports. The annual output of PP caps and PP ports is 3 billion sets.


Product Features

The characteristics and comparative advantages of the twist off cap (easy-folding double-valve combination cap) for easy-folding double-valve plastic infusion containers applied to soft bags and plastic bottles are as follows:
1. Avoid potential safety hazards when using
Avoid cross-contamination caused by clinical western medicine and infusion operations. Two small rubber discs are used to replace the single rubber disc of the original pull ring cap on the twist off cap, and two easy-folding handles are used for the outer cap to replace the pulling ring of the original outer cap. It is completely separated from the infusion port. When dispensing, a twist off handle is broken to expose a rubber disc for dispensing. When infusion, another twist off handle is broken to expose another rubber disc for infusion. This structure overcomes the misuse of the dispensing port during infusion of the pull ring cap to bring bacteria into the medicinal solution, thereby preventing the occurrence of infusion safety accidents.
2. No sterilization operation is required, which avoids the phenomenon of high sterilization cost and troublesome operation. The double valve is sterile, does not require sterilization, and saves medical materials. Since the dispensing and infusion are generally not carried out at the same time, when using the pull ring cap for infusion, the surface of the butyl rubber disc needs to be re-sterilized when infusion after adding medicine; When the medicine is added, the dosing port and the infusion port are completely sealed, and the infusion port is not exposed to the air when the drug is added, so there is no need to sterilize the infusion, thereby saving the cost of disinfection and reducing the trouble in operation.
3. There is no situation where the dispensing port and infusion port cannot be opened
Easy to fold, labor-saving, 100% foldable, reducing labor intensity and injury in clinical nursing. However, when using the pull ring cap for infusion, the ring is easy to break. Therefore, when using the twist off cap for infusion, there is no situation that the dispensing port and the infusion port cannot be opened, and the operation is more convenient and more reliable.

Product Specifications

Twist off cap


PP plastic infusion bottles
Vertical pp soft infusion bags

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ISO Certification

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Production Environment

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Workshop and Equipment

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Warehouse Logistics

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