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30-22 Port

Ujoin Technology’s R&D center independently undertaken 39 various R&D projects and 43 invention patent authorizations and has established cooperative relationships with Sichuan University, Zhejiang University and other well-known colleges to cultivate product R&D. Polypropylene (PP) injection molding products mainly produce more than 30 sets of equipment, more than 20 product specifications such as polypropylene ports for infusion, combination caps, etc., with an annual output of 3 billion sets and an output value of 150 million yuan. In addition to satisfying the use of major domestic well-known pharmaceutical companies, the products are also exported to foreign countries.


Product Features

1. The main advantages of Ujoin’s pp ports are products with better drug compatibility, low-melding sealing temperature, better sealing performance, and higher biosafety. The main feature of pharmaceutical packaging production is intelligence. The workshop is equipped with international advanced electric injection molding machines, including Japan’s Toshiba, Germany’s Demag and Engel, and other brands, and is equipped with new equipment such as visual inspection all-in-one machine. The high-precision camera takes 360-degree photos of the product and compares it with the standard parameters to eliminate those that are not. Qualified products realize 100% online automatic detection of products.
2. Ujoin Technology has established an intelligent control system for the first time in the industry and has realized digital applications in all aspects such as raw material transportation, semi-finished product transfer, finished product testing, warehousing and logistics, to create high-standard, high-efficiency, and high-quality pharmaceutical packaging intelligent workshops and smart factories.

Product Specifications

30-22mm Single port


Non-PVC soft bags infusion

30 22 port 5
ISO Certification

30 22 port 6

Production Environment

30 22 port 7

30 22 port 8
Workshop and Equipment

30 22 port 9

30 22 port 10

30 22 port 11

Warehouse Logistics

30 22 port 12

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