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20mm Easy Breaking Cap

Easy breaking cap for medicinal purposes belongs to the technical field of medical containers and includes an inner cap, outer cap, and rubber disc, and an easy-folding handle. A rubber disc is placed inside a rubber disc cylinder of the outer cap; the easy-folding handle is installed on the outer lid inside the cavity. The structure is simple, the product cost is low, the broken part of the outer cap can prevent the handle from being broken accidentally; it can quickly dispense medicine to the bottle mouth, and use a disposable infusion set for infusion, which is convenient and efficient. It is directly welded on the infusion bottle without changing the existing equipment and reducing the cost of use.


Product Features

1. High biosafety
2. Good drug compatibility
3. Low-melting sealing temperature
4. Good sealing performance

Product Specifications

Easy breaking cap


Polypropylene plastic infusion bottles
Vertical polypropylene soft infusion bags

20mm easy breaking cap 5
ISO Certification

20mm easy breaking cap 6
Production Environment:

20mm easy breaking cap 7

20mm easy breaking cap 8

Warehouse Logistics:

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