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20-55 Port

Polypropylene double-valve port for infusion bag, including fixed base, two liquid pipes and two connecting rings, two liquid pipes are placed side by side in the middle of the fixed base, the two ends of the outer periphery of the base have thin edges protruding outwards, the cross-sectional shape of the outer circumference of the base is a gradual and smooth transition from the center position of the two liquid pipes to the thin edges at both ends. The outer circumference of the base is fixed between the inner membranes replaced by the infusion bag, and the two connecting rings are fixed and connect with the infusion caps.


Product Features

1. The double-valve port has a reasonable structure, convenient and reliable welding process; the fixed base is more material-saving and lower in cost; different pipes are used for dosing and infusion, which avoids cross-contamination.
2. Its preparation can be directly injection-molded according to the shape of the port, and the process is simple and easy.
3. During the sterilization process at 121°C, the double-valve port is not deformed, does not change color, has high strength and high safety.
4. The double-valve port has high biosafety, good drug compatibility, low-melding sealing temperature and good sealing performance.

Product Specifications

20-55mm Double-valve port


Non-PVC soft infusion bags

ISO Certification

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Production Environment

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Workshop and Equipment

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Warehouse Logistics

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