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Vice Mayor Song Zhenbo Came to Ujoin Technology for Investigation


On May 19th, Song Zhenbo, Member of the Standing Committee of Zibo Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, Wang Yujie, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, and Wang Xiaodong, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, accompanied by Guo Kehua, Deputy Mayor of Linzi District, visited Ujoin Technology to investigate “Five Optimizations” Work development status. Group and company leaders Zheng Jiaqing, Wu Shouming, Chen Xuewu, Fan Jianwei accompanied.

Song Zhenbo and his entourage went deep into the production workshop of the pharmaceutical packaging industry base to understand the construction of new projects and the application of new technologies and new technologies. They asked the company to accelerate the upgrading of equipment and continue to promote technological process innovation in accordance with the overall requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government to implement industrial empowerment actions. The practice of continuously enriching the product system is affirmed. He requested that as a key enterprise in the new pharmaceutical sector of Zibo’s “four-strong industry”, Ujoin Technology should insist on highlighting the main direction of “five optimizations” and promote traditional industries to “move the cloud, use data, and empower wisdom” on a large scale, and continue to Intensify the training of high-end talents and the research and development of new products and make great efforts in school-enterprise industry-university-research cooperation, industrial transformation and upgrading, and smart factory construction, striving to become a benchmark for industry transformation and upgrading and help Zibo City’s economic and social construction to improve quality and speed.

Zheng Jiaqing introduced to Song Zhenbo and his entourage the construction status of the new project of Ujoin Technology, the research and development status of key products and the recent development plan. He introduced that the industrial base adopts internationally advanced electric injection molding machines, down-blowing water-cooled multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machines, visual inspection integrated machines and other new equipment to establish an intelligent control system for the first time in the industry, such as raw material transportation, semi-finished products transfer, finished product inspection, the digital application of warehousing and logistics has been realized, the per capita production capacity has been increased by 2 times, the number of positions has been reduced by 50%, and the production cost has been reduced by 20%. The main products of the base are non-PVC five-layer co-extruded composite film, new polymer material prefilled syringe, and high barrier composite film projects, which fill the domestic gap and replace imports.

Zheng Jiaqing said that in recent years, Ujoin Technology has followed the “five optimizations” overall requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government’s industrial empowerment actions and optimization and upgrading of technological processes, optimizing and expanding product systems, optimizing and improving product quality, optimizing and improving the industrial chain, and optimizing and improving economic benefits. Adhere to the concept of “keep a close eye on the frontiers, build ecology, aggregate along the chain, and develop clusters”, pay close attention to project construction and digital transformation, continuously optimize and expand the product system, further extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, integrate the supply chain, and create high standards and high standards. Efficient, high-quality pharmaceutical packaging smart workshops and smart factories have made greater contributions to the advancement of the pharmaceutical packaging industry’s technological progress and the development of Zibo’s digital economy and society.


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