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Ujoin Technology’s Polymer Prefillable Syringes are Listed as a Major Project of the Central Government to Guide Local Scientific and Technological Development


A few days ago, the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the 2020-2021 Shandong Provincial Central Government Guided Local Science and Technology Development Fund Project List. Ujoin Technology’s Polymer Prefillable Syringes R&D project has been included in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements after the procedures of application, expert review, and publicity, and that was listed as a key support project for the transfer and conversion of scientific and technological achievements.

Prefillable syringes have been developed internationally since the 1990s. As a new type of combination form of medicine and equipment, it integrates the two functions of medicine storage and clinical use, which can minimize the waste caused by the absorption of medicines during storage and transfer, at the same time, it can avoid contamination and cross-contamination, and mainly used in the fields of vaccines, biological agents and high value-added drugs. At present, the prefillable syringes on the market are mainly made of glass, but the shortcomings of glass are obvious. The development goal of the “13th Five-Year Plan” of the pharmaceutical industry clearly points out that the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials should accelerate the product upgrade of packaging systems, and develop and apply new material with high safety and quality performance. In 2019, the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (Order No. 92 of the Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission listed the development and production of polymer pre-potting products with good chemical stability, degradability and high barrier properties as encouraged development projects.

Compared with traditional glass materials, polymer prefillable products have following advantages:
1. Low consumption and no environmental pollution;
2. High molding precision, stable quality, and it can realize automatic, intelligent and efficient production;
3. Production in “C+A” clean environment and ready to use without washing, low breakage rate, safer for medical staff;
4. No heavy metal residues, low protein adsorption, good drug compatibility, high biological safety, strong sealing and barrier properties, and longer drug shelf life.

Since its establishment, Ujoin Technology has been adhering to the innovation-driven strategy, continuously strengthening the construction of independent R&D platforms and R&D teams. The corporate technology center is equipped with internationally advanced scientific research facilities and equipment and has built a pilot base and multiple pilot production lines. It has Shandong Province Polymer pharmaceutical packaging consumables engineering laboratory industry, Zibo infusion packaging consumables engineering technology research center, Zibo enterprise technology center and other innovative platforms, equipped with the research and development strength of new materials, such as infusion packaging materials, aseptic packaging materials for raw materials, integrated medicine and equipment packaging materials, hemodialysis, medical consumables and new biodegradable food and drug packaging materials.

At the same time, adhere to the road of combining politics, industry, education and research, and establish long-term cooperative relations with Shandong University, Sichuan University, Zhejiang University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Packaging and other schools. In the past three years, Ujoin Technology has independently undertaken more than 39 various research and development projects, obtained 37 patent authorizations, and undertook 14 technological innovation projects in Shandong Province, leading the domestic technology level. Seven domestic leading-level new medical packaging materials and medical equipment projects including new material gaskets, medical composite cover PP pellets, and multi-color printing composite films have been implemented. Achievement transformation has been implemented. Among them, non-PVC three-layer co-extruded infusion film breakthroughs in key technologies, and Ujoin Technology is the first domestic company to pass the related approval of packaging materials and medicines. In 2017, Ujoin Technology started the research and development of a new-type polymer prefillable syringe product, and the project was selected into the Talent Program of Zibo City.

The polymer prefillable syringe project is included in the list of central government-guided local scientific and technological development funds. It is another fruitful result of the company’s R&D platform construction and new product research and development. It is the result of the company’s scientific research strength and the improvement of the R&D team. After the project reaches production, it will fill the domestic gap and replace imported products, which is of positive significance to advance the technological progress of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, and also provides for the company to accelerate the realization of the company’s goal of building an international new pharmaceutical packaging materials research and production base and provide strong support for the goal of becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.


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