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Ujoin Technology’s Multilayer Co-extrusion Film for Infusion was Awarded as the Excellent Product Brand of Shandong Province “Quality Luyao”


On December 19th, Shandong Province’s 2020 “Quality Luyao” construction brand launch conference was held in Jinan Zhonghao Hotel. The meeting released the 2020 Shandong Province “Quality Luyao” construction model enterprises and a list of outstanding products. Ujoin Technology’s non-PVC three-layer co-extrusion membrane for infusion was awarded the honorary title of “Quality Luyao” Brand Building Excellent Product in Shandong Province, and Ujoin Technology was also rated as an AAA-level Establish credibility unit.

Ujoin Technology is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of medical packaging materials, medical consumables, medical equipment, and food packaging materials. The non-PVC three-layer co-extrusion film for infusion used this time is the company’s leading product in the pharmaceutical packaging sector. It has high biological safety, good drug compatibility, low melting temperature, strong sealing performance, high barrier performance, and low liquid leakage. It is the first choice for packaging all kinds of basic infusion, therapeutic infusion, enteral and parenteral nutrition, peritoneal dialysate, rinsing solution and other infusion products. It can meet the needs of different customers. This product is the first domestic product to pass the related approval of packaging materials and medicines and got the DMF number of FDA, was awarded the first prize of new product and new technology by the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, was recognized as a provincial famous brand by the Shandong Provincial Brand Building Promotion Association, and was recognized by the Shandong Quality Evaluation Association Recognized as a provincial high-quality brand.

Ujoin Technology adheres to “Science and Technology Promotion Enterprise”, actively benchmarks against international technology leaders, continues to develop new product technology research, and comprehensively enhances product technology content. In the next few years, Ujoin Technology will focus on the development of high-barrier film series and biodegradable packaging products, forming a strategic layout with a complete range of product brands including packaging materials for infusion represented by non-PVC multilayer co-extrusion composite films, packaging materials represented for injections by polymer prefillable syringes, packaging materials for oral preparations, packaging materials for APIs, food packaging, industrial packaging, etc., to create a world-class pharmaceutical packaging material industrial base.


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