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Ujoin Technology’s Intelligent Production System was Selected as a Typical Application Scenario of Artificial Intelligence in Shandong Province


Recently, Ujoin Technology’s “artificial intelligence empowers traditional manufacturing solutions + pharmaceutical packaging intelligent production system” was awarded “2021 Shandong Province Artificial Intelligence Typical Application Scenarios”.

In order to better promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy in our province, promote the construction of artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot areas, and create a new highland for artificial intelligence development, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology conducts a competition for outstanding projects of “leading enterprises in the artificial intelligence industry, outstanding innovative products and solutions, and artificial intelligence empowers manufacturing application scenarios”, once every two years. The review experts believe that with the help of artificial intelligence technology, the Ujoin technology project optimizes the production of the traditional manufacturing industry and achieves the expected goal of improving product quality and production efficiency. It has been maturely used in enterprises and has high industry promotion significance.

Ujoin Technology Pharmaceutical Packaging Industrial Base is the first batch of preferred projects for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province. It takes the creation of high-standard, high-efficiency and high-quality pharmaceutical packaging intelligent workshops and smart factories as an important innovation point and focus, with an investment of 2 million US dollars. The integration of software and hardware systems such as ERP and MES is introduced to realize the optimization and efficient linkage of enterprise resource allocation. The production workshop is equipped with injection molding robots instead of manual operations and adopts visual sensing product online detection technology, intelligent mixed loading and unloading system, environmental intelligent control, and AGV intelligent transfer system. All links such as raw material transportation, semi-finished product transshipment, finished product inspection, warehousing and logistics have been digitized, the per capita production capacity has been increased by 2 times, the number of posts has been reduced by 50%, and the production cost has been reduced by 20%.

In recent years, as a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry in Shandong, Ujoin Technology has accelerated the optimization and improvement of technical processes and product quality and the production process. In 2022, Ujoin Technology will accelerate the pace of building an international new-type pharmaceutical packaging industrial base, achieve the goal of “industrial quality improvement” as soon as possible, and promote the upgrading of manufacturing capabilities and digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry.


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