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Ujoin Technology’s Great Progress on Transition


On November 15th, Ujoin Technology got National Production Certification for Industrial Products, numbered LU XK16-204-02291, by which plastic containers for foodstuff are admitted to be produced. The certification is applied for polyethylene caps for foodstuff. Sizes of this kind of product are verified and they can be custom-made according to the requirement of customers. The product is widely used in the field of foodstuff and it has large market demand. With the technology support of medical package material, the advantage in the marketing process is extremely large. It’s believed that the foodstuff package materials will become a new point of growth. The certification also means that the company has made great progress on the road of transition.

In recent years, the strategy of innovation and transition has been actively practiced in the development of Ujoin Technology. The idea of transition and promotion becomes the guidance in each part of Ujoin Technology’s development. Ujoin Technology takes measures to achieve the magnificent target of healthy and fast-speed development. Higher quality of products is required to get to a better level and to upgrade to the first class of the field. In the process of marketing, the form is changing from endogenous growth that is dependent on the group itself to exogenous growth that depends on the market. As for the product structure, the single medical package material is replaced by medical devices and high-end package materials for foodstuff and the growth pattern is changed from scale increment top-quality effectiveness. With regard to the company management, extensive form is substituted by normalized, standardized and refined type, which enhances the efficiency and quality of operations.

With efforts in several years, Ujojn Technology has made great progress in every field. The promotion project of product quality is carried out and the quality of products is enhanced to the leading level in China. The export sales are growing quickly. The medical package products are not only the first choice of many domestic infusion enterprises but also exported to many countries and regions such as some African countries. The marketing structure is adjusted in this way as planned. On the basis of normal research and production of medical package materials such as ports, assembled caps and films for infusions, the company insists on the research and development of high-tech products with high additional value and it has got Production Certification for Medical Devices in March 2014. It also got Production Certification for Foodstuff Package Materials recently. Ujoin Technology tries to set up a symbol in the field of safety assurance of foodstuff package materials by practicing the advanced equipment and high-level quality control system for the production of medical package materials in the process of the foodstuff package materials. Ujoin Technology strengthens the degree of implementation with the support of budget management and target accountability. Based on the foundation of three teams, personnel quality is increased. With the leading of excellent enterprise culture, a positive image of the company is fostered and the brand identity is figured successfully.

In the next five years, Ujoin Technology will implement the three-drive strategy of growth of innovation, leading of market and support of culture formulated by Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company will be devoted to becoming a multi-industry and diversified comprehensive enterprise on the basis of the best production base of infusion package materials in China. Ujoin Technology is forging ahead on the export-oriented and high-tech internationalization road and it will make efforts to achieve the grand vision of Qidu Pharma with hundred-year history and international celebrity.


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