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Ujoin Technology was Selected as a High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise for Manufacturing in Shandong Province


On May 11, the 2021 “China Brand Day (Shandong)” event was held in Linyi. The list of 2021 Shandong manufacturing high-end brand cultivation companies was released on the site. 390 companies including Ujoin Technology stood out and be selected successfully from more than 1,000 reported companies.
In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of high-end brand construction, enhance corporate brand awareness and competitiveness, and promote the construction of a strong quality province, Shandong Province has launched the selection of manufacturing high-end brand cultivation enterprises from 2017. The cultivation work follows the principles of enterprise voluntariness, local recommendation, and third-party evaluation, according to local standards and group standards for the cultivation of high-end brands in the manufacturing industry, and in accordance with the requirements of “focusing on cultivation, dynamic management, and striving for internationally renowned brands” to recommend and report companies to the municipal bureaus Material preliminary review, expert review and quantitative index evaluation.

Founded in 2009, Ujoin Technology is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing of pharmaceutical packaging materials, medical consumables, medical equipment, and food packaging materials.

The company implements an innovation-driven strategy. On the one hand, it continuously strengthens the construction of the R&D team, continues to increase R&D investment, purchases international advanced equipment, introduces high-end talents in the industry, and has Shandong Province Polymer Pharmaceutical Packaging Consumables Engineering Laboratory and Zibo Infusion Packaging Consumables Engineering Innovation platforms such as Technology Research Center and Zibo Enterprise Technology Center.

On the one hand, it adheres to the road of combining politics, industry, education, and research, focusing on the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials, establishing long-term cooperative relations with Shandong University, Sichuan University, Zhejiang University, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Packaging Research Institute and other schools and launching new materials Gaskets, medical composite cover PP pellets, multi-color printing and multilayer co-extrusion composite films, new-type polymer prefilllable syringes, and a series of high-tech content and high value-added packaging products with the domestic leading level. Among them, non-PVC three-layer co-extrusion infusion film and new-type polymer prefillable syringes are the first in the country to pass the related approval of drug packaging materials and drugs. The high-barrier transparent medical packaging film under development can meet the demand for high-end pharmaceutical products and break the foreign monopoly.

The company will take the opportunity of being selected into the list of high-end manufacturing brands in Shandong Province to continue to promote innovative development strategies, focusing on large-scale, high-quality, and export-oriented development goals, extending the industrial chain, optimizing product structure, and giving full play to the scientific research of new international pharmaceutical packaging materials. The project efficiency of the production base has realized the diversified development of the five business segments of pharmaceutical packaging materials, medical equipment, medical consumables, high-end food packaging materials, and new biodegradable packaging materials, and promote the continuous transformation of enterprises from “manufacturing” to “quality manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and creation”, and make greater contributions to the improvement of the technical level of domestic pharmaceutical packaging materials.


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