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Ujoin Technology Passed the Re-certification of Five ISO Systems at One Time


From September 10th to 12th, after inspection by China Quality Mark Certification Group, Ujoin Technology successfully passed the re-certification of ISO22000: Food Safety Management System, ISO45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO50001: Energy Management System, ISO9001: Quality Management System, and ISO14001: Environmental Management System.

The inspection is divided into three stages: on-site inspection, document review, and random communication. The experts of the audit team go deep into the production line to conduct detailed exchanges with employees and have comprehensively and meticulously inspected the company’s institutional settings, equipment and facilities, personnel training, quality management, safety and environmental protection, energy control, documents management, production process control, etc. It is agreed that the company’s corporate operation and production management systems are sound and standards are complete, all kinds of data are standardized and authentic, and the work is fruitful. It meets the requirements of five system certifications and has passed the re-authentication zero defects.

This ISO system certification is the first certification after the first-phase project of the company’s industrial base has been fully completed and put into production, and the production capacity of the old factory has been fully transferred. There have been major changes in the workshop, equipment, personnel, and management system. During the certification preparation period, production capacity transfer, food packaging certification, and industrial base safety and environmental protection acceptance are also interspersed, the preparation time is short, and the certification pressure is high. All the staff of the company faced the pressure and rose to the challenge, and the various departments cooperated and actively cooperated to ensure that the certification was passed at a high level. Passing five system certifications at one time this time has trained the team and demonstrated the good looks of Ujoin Technology’s workers.

In the next step, Ujoin Technology will take the construction of five major systems as the platform, take the standardized construction of the industrial base as the starting point, and achieve high-quality development as the goal. Make every effort to build an international research and production base for new pharmaceutical packaging materials.


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