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Ujoin Medical Realized Smooth Delivery of All Orders During COVID-19


The outbreak of the epidemic in recent years has not only affected our lives, but also adversely affected the market sales of pharmaceutical packaging materials and product delivery. Faced with difficulties, Shandong Ujoin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. took many measures at the same time to meet the difficulties and ensure the smooth delivery of products while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.
Facing the challenge of the epidemic, Ujoin Medical aims to meet the needs of customers and ensure the smooth delivery of products. On the one hand, strengthen contact with customers, actively communicate, and mobilize customers to take advantage of the phased epidemic prevention and control in various regions to take more goods and stock up enough quantity during the prevention and control of loose energy transportation; In case of tight prevention and control, the salesperson used the platform to find more cars and discussed safe transportation routes, and tried to ensure the smooth delivery of products required by customers at home and abroad. On the other hand, Ujoin Medical actively implement the epidemic prevention policy, and the storage and transportation departments strengthen the management of their transportation vehicles. In strict accordance with the company’s epidemic prevention and control requirements, do a good job in advance reporting the delivery vehicles, scanning the code into the plant, and disinfection and sterilization safety, so as to ensure that the personnel and vehicles entering the plant meet the prevention and control requirements. In addition, Ujoin Medical has strengthened communication with relevant departments such as the doorman and storage department to ensure that vehicles cars leave the factory smoothly and that all goods are delivered to customers in a timely and safe manner.
Through a series of measures, Ujoin Medical has met the delivery of pharmaceutical packaging materials during the epidemic prevention and control period, improved its emergency response capacity, provided customers with high-quality after-sales service, and won unanimous praise from customers.

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